Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set

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I had been wanting these brushes for a long time before I got my little hands on them. It was only recently that I purchased these brushes and I have been loving every minute of them.

I had heard about the quality and I had heard about how gorgeous they are, but I still look at them and see pure genius.

The makeup application with these is so wonderful, its smooth and soft and everything you could ask for with a brush set, there is no shedding when I clean these and they dry fairly quickly. The only brush I struggle with is the 106 as I don’t often use powder, I use bronzer and it could be a little bigger for dusting a quick glow on- but its hardly a miss at all.

The carry bag is gorgeous, it is the perfect size to fit makeup and brushes alike into your handbag and the extra pocket on the inside is a bonus. I have been carrying this around constantly in my tote for quick, easy touch ups.

The way they package and post these brushes is also incredible, they came within a week or so to New Zealand and kindly responded when I had a minor freakout when it hadn’t arrived in NZ- I was super terrified of them getting lost in the post! But they came when Zoeva said they would, they had lovely little messages to add a personal touch as to whom it was packaged and quality checked by and I couldn’t be happier.

These brushes are absolutely divine and I am already on the way to purchase more! If only they brought out a second addition rose gold set.


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