I’ve finally decided to jump on the bandwagon.

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I’ve brought the Rapid Fitness Living Well detox and start on Thursday. I’ve been going to the gym every second day and I’m loving it- I love being in the work out environment and I love having the time to myself to mentally and physically nourish my body, so I’m taking it that one step further and cleansing my body as well.

As you know I am devotedly fascinated by nutrition and RF really satisfies that for me. They provide the right amount of information as well as keeping the plan simple and straight forward. I love it already.

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Although the idea of going on a detox while you work full time is a little scary, I think the work environment is a great way to stop yourself getting distracted by what is different in your diet or what you feel you are missing out on. Where I work there is no temptation other than the coffee machine, and I quite happily choose herbal tea over a coffee anyway.

My idea of a detox is to cleanse my body and start a healthier lifestyle on a clean slate. The reason I chose this detox is because many people lost their cravings for sweets and fatty foods after being on it- and even if they did still get those cravings the way the detox made them feel sutured more than enough self discipline in them to ignore those cravings.

I wish everyone else luck on this detox if they have chosen to take that challenge and I really thank the RF team for creating such a great programme. I think this ones a winner.

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