Winter Preparation

As I am sitting here in a cami and shorts, windows and doors all open, listening to the birds in the trees outside I am longingly thinking of a time when I am not complaining about the sweltering heat, a time for jeans and Matt’s oversized woollen socks. I love winter with its hot cocoa and rosy cheeks (that aren’t the unattractive blotched shiny kind), red nail varnish and crimson lippy. I am definitely a winter girl, but I swear you’ll hear me complain even then. I am in preparation for winter, and have come onto the grand idea of being organised. Woah, Shock Horror!

Ive started knitting a blanket to warm up the beautiful white waffle cover I currently have laid on my bed. Usually not a knitter I can’t believe how easy and satisfying (not to mention a tad expensive) knitting is. I try to get decent wool, wool that actually is either sheep or alpaca not acrylic shite but it is a rather expensive feat in itself.

Right now I am working on either a throw or a blanket, depending on when I tire of knitting- I originally planned to have it as a throw for the end of the bed, but in saying that draping it over my leg now, even as small as it is, is so totally warm that I think it would be nice to have it as a full-on blanket in winter.


IMGP0004 IMGP0002


Here I have used Moda Vera Manor Wool (50% wool as alpaca proved to be beyond my justification- but it still is incredibly soft and warm) and Bamboo Needles U.S 15/ 10mm. These are very easy to use and I love the bulky effect both the large wool and the needles gives. Do you knit? I am wanting to achieve at least two garments this year, creating my own classic simple style pieces, so let the crafting begin!

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