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I know that there are people who like Christmas, people who couldn’t be fussed about Christmas and then there are people like me. I am in love with Christmas.

There are people who go all out for Christmas. The ones who turn into a big bundle of festive joy (or in my case a tiny, excitable, mistaken for an elf kind of bundle of joy). Those people who radiate festivity from November until they are forced to take down their tree at New Years. Yeah, I’m one of those. I’ll tell you that this year I have been VERY tame so far.

Christmas, for me, is not just a reason to go crazy with interiors and decorations. Not just about the festive parties and food. Christmas is the one time of year where I get to spend as much time as possible with family and friends. Its where peoples spirits are lifted and everything seems a bit more jolly. Its the time of year that I can play carols on loop and there is not a damned thing anyone can do to stop me. (I’m looking at you, Matthew.) I am in love with Christmas.

This time of year is where people make more of an effort. With their attitude, appearance, their kindness towards others. I adore every second of it.

In New Zealand Christmas is in the heat of Summer. This could be a big factor in the lightness of everyones spirits. Christmas is full of summer BBQs, pool parties, beach days and late nights by the bonfire. It really is a magical time of year.

I wanted to write this post #1 because I’m sorry, but its gonna get hella Christmassy around here. And #2, that I implore you to see the joy, and the happiness that Christmas spreads. If you love Christmas, like it or not. See the magical effect that Christmas has on your loved ones.

Tell me, why are you in love with Christmas?


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