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I get asked often how I find the motivation to work out and stay healthy in a busy life schedule. Friends ask how I keep motivated while working full time, in Winter or when life’s just not going to plan. I thought I would share what I have learned about fitness inspiration and motivation.


When it comes down to it I always have a plan. An idea of what I want to be doing that week. I work off the Kayla Itsines guides at the moment. I would previously have some workouts downloaded on Pinterest and have a general idea on what I would be doing.



Something I learned early on is that fitspo and motivation isn’t enough, you have to make working out frequently an actual habit. Much like eating habits these don’t stick easy, you have to work hard for a month or so until they just get ingrained in part of your weekly schedule. Once you do establish habits it is much easier to maintain and will even start to feel lost if you haven’t worked out in a while.



I dont currently have a workout buddy, but I have friends who I discuss fitness with constantly. My best friend in Hamilton is always messaging me. We message about how our workouts are going and whats improving. Having that checkup is always something to aspire to. Even a little competition cant hurt if you set that up between colleagues.



I had a Fitbit very early on which I used to track my progress. I still have the very same one. This helps me keep active on a daily basis and gives me an estimate of what I have done throughout the week as well. Sometimes I do just need to listen to my body and take a rest- and seeing what I have done already helps making decisions on whether I should or not.



I think you need to have an end goal in mind which is a big part of my fitspo- and I’m not just meaning a goal weight. I am meaning an event or a life change that you want to hit results by. Mine is my Europe tour in May next year- and I want to be looking fit and healthy. Its a good idea to write down those goals to work towards.



I know for a fact that as soon as I come home from work there is NO WAY that I want to be working out. I worked with this by going straight to the gym after work. This worked for a while but I was shy and it was so crowded there. I compromised by working out before work at 5am. After dragging myself out of bed in the morning and was actually on my way to the gym I had no choice- and the fact that I had done a workout already when I got home to cook dinner made me feel great. It even motivated me to go with Matthew on walks and Bike Rides after work in the summer. Daily goals like 10K steps are also good goals to set for more immediate, manageable outcomes.

Here are just a few of my tips that help me maintain an active lifestyle and keep my fitspo up. I hope they help you too. I’m not sure if I may do more of these in future but let me know!

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