What’s in my Bag?

A little while ago I posted a snap on my Instagram asking if you would like to see an everyday "whats in my bag" post. The response to the snap was very unexpected, so here we are.


This is a everyday whats in my bag post, these things I carry around daily. Let me just note that I carry my phone in my pocket or hand- the only time I put it in my bag is when I have run out of hands and pockets! I also carry things like cough lozenges (its rainy, spring season here), Lemsip, Panadol and girly things that should be mentioned but not necessarily pictured!

If you have seen my Kate Spade Backpack post, you will know I adore that bag. However, I have been known to put one too many a lipstick and beauty product in there- not to mention books, so my Tommy Hilfiger tote was the perfect up/downgrade!

I have listed the tote in the Wardrobe widget at the bottom of my blog, but do be warned- but I believe it to be selling out. This was purchased at the Galeria Kaufhof in Berlin (please take me back, Matt). I clutched it to my side dearly for the rest of our travels.


The first thing I have to mention in my handbag is my Clarins Hand Cream. I cannot go anywhere without this stuff. This is in my bag, at my desk, in my room- multiples of the same product because that is how good it is. Another hand cream hasn't had so much as a glance from me since I got this.

In my bag I always carry some sort of Fragrance. At the moment it is the White Company Day. If you want to hear more about the fragrance it is in my White Company post.

My Chanel Mirror and Compact also come everywhere with me. Aircon big in my workplace. A touch up is always needed. I have to have these handy. Some sort of Lipstick is usually thrown in there also. At the moment it is Bobbi Brown Nourishing Lip Colour in Ballerina Pink.

My keys, sunglasses and wallet are you're standard must haves. I am using the Furla Tri-Fold Babylon Wallet and my Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses on the daily at the moment.

Lastly is my Kikki-K dairies. Yes I use two. One is your standard monthly diary which helps me map out my month on one page. I write birthdays, posts, schedule my Yoga classes and Gym sessions (and yes, Karate too- I'm still going!). I write in here my meetings etc.

My 2017-2018 dairy I plan out my days. I have between three and four days to page- this is where I write my lists and details about meetings, things I need to do and things I need to pick up. I also write ideas and lists at the back- two diaries just works for me this way.

And that is all that I have in my bag! I hope you enjoyed this post- what can you not leave the house without?


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