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Vogue taught me

Here are a few things about what Vogue taught me. I have been reading vogue ever since I started getting interested in the beauty world (which is only around 4 years ago actually). I have learned a lot from its pages being a keen reader and photographer, not to mention my devotion to beauty. I thought I would share just a few things that I learned from these iconic publications.

First of all, and most importantly, Vogue sutured into my daily life a quote my mother always told me. “If you look good, then you will feel good.” When you hear the quote flat you would think it is incredibly shallow, but I assure you my mother had the best of intentions.

In the years where self-consciousness is so apparent in young women these words have comforted me. They taught me that when I take the time to make myself feel well presented I actually feel better about myself, ready, I am confident and I feel like I am prepared for anything. This was also concreted in Sali Hughes book, Pretty Honest where she said “During the best of times, we put on our face like armour, ready for whatever the day throws at us.”…”Make-up, however subtle, provides the demarcation that the day has begun, and looking good bolsters us to get the hell on with it.”

Returning to Vogue, this has also provided me with inspiration to step outside my comfort zone, to try something- whether it be make-up, fashion or personal style, that I would not normally try. Vogue has its own reputation for highlighting class and sophistication but also pushing the boundaries.  For instance deep, warm eyeshadows, smoky eye makeup with a bold lip or teal eyeliner. Colours and styles that I would not normally go for, or wearing the female equivalent of a suit to a business evening. All these things are things women would deem too bold, but Vogue enables women to trial and experiment with conviction.

Vogue taught me, lastly, to be confident within myself. That everyone is different and you have to find your own personal style, choose what you like but also how to pull it off with grace and class. That following trends isn’t always as mainstream as you would think, that you can make anything unique to you.

Tell me what you learned from Vogue? What inspires you?

I hope you enjoyed this post, my pretties- keep doing what you’re doing and feel good all the while!

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