I have been spoiled this year and am very grateful for the gifts I received (disclaimer: this is not a bragging post, this is a post to show you what I was gifted as per request). I have a big family so aside from these gifts I also received copious amounts of chocolates- so the paleo way might be a little cheated for a while.



IMG_0553 IMG_0556 IMG_0555

I was very lucky to be gifted two pieces of jewellery this year- some lovely tiny rose gold studs (I have two piercings in each ear- these are on the top) and also a “The Horse” rose gold and grey leather watch. It is safe to say I feel very blessed!

My sister brought me this beautiful plaque stating “time spent with family is worth every second” in gold lettering which is gorgeous- another addition to my vanity table. Frankie is my favourite arty magazine if you haven’t seen it here before and I also got two candles (placed nonchalantly next to my plaque).




I love getting useful gifts, and this year I really did! Going Paleo has been added to my Pete Evans collection, as well as this Mandolin Chopper which has so many different blades it’ll seriously cut down chopping board time (heh, didn’t mean to be funny) as well as this adorable door stop named Fred.




I usually get some sort of beverage (alcohol etc) but this year I was pleasantly surprised! Its not hard for my family and friends to know that I enjoy a good cuppa tea. This Christmas tea is not something I have ever tried before, and seeing as I’m not so keen on black tea in anything other than chai anymore this ones a winner! A blend of white tea, almond and vanilla, both teas are from my favourite tea brands. I also received this chai which I am actually itching to try.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I am very lucky, tell me about what you got gifted for christmas!

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