If you want to put a label to my recent lifestyle change, you would say I went paleo in a way, however, never before have I wanted to put a label to my lifestyle- I don’t like fad diets and I know what my body can’t handle (so far its gluten and sometimes dairy).

I’ve had a couple of you ask what Paleo is- Paleo is a way of eating without grain, refined or processed foods and in most cases dairy. The call it “The Caveman” lifestyle- you can read all about it here.

I found that I eat Paleo a good 70% of the time, I still drink coffee and sometimes take milk, cheese or yoghurt. I wanted to live a more active lifestyle and feel healthier about myself- knowing that my food is good, clean and organic. I’ve always had a deep interest in nutrition and what food does behind the scenes in ways of curing ailments, boosting the body and so on- so I decided to try the Paleo thing.


I’ve always had anaemia, and living with a small dose of Coeliac hasn’t changed that, so I knew I needed meat in my life which is why I chose Paleo, but dairy and wheat- definitely not and I sure as hell want to cut down on the refined sugars. So far I managed to cut it all, out minus coffee (which I have with almond milk most days, and when I want to be basic I go the non-paleo route and get a red cup). I still have some cheeses, organic milk (very sparingly) and maybe some yoghurt but overall I am enjoying this way of living.

I have a little garden on my porch where I am growing (so far) lettuces, golden and black tomatoes, carrots, radishes, spring onion, capsicum and cucumber.

IMG_0023 IMG_0022

I have to plan my meals and, yes, I may spend a little more at the butcher but that I save at the markets when I shop for my produce. I am not spending on little snacks, I make my own, and I certainly have enjoyed a couple of matcha tea’s instead of coffee.

So what happened when Ambermarie went paleo? To summarise this was a little experiment, one I am enjoying, so I will continue to eat in a Paleo like fashion- I’ll see about cutting out the coffee and dairy later. I wanted to share as this is something that has worked for me for a while now, and although its not the goal- of course there is weight loss involved. I’ve been using Paleo Leap and The Paleo Way as my main source of information, but obviously use the internet frequently for this.

Have you looked at a lifestyle change like this?

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