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If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I’ve been very secretive about our big news around here.

I didnt know how to approach this subject, I’d had no planning what-so-ever as this has been a very big surprise and so I was unsure how to present the news.

Well, I am very happy to tell you…



I am a big planner, and if you follow my Pinterest you’ll know that I have been secretly pinning wedding pins for the past couple years. I used to be a Wedding Photographer- its only natural right? However, I am completely honest when I tell you that this was something I had no idea was happening. I had thought that Matthew would propose in Europe when we leave in May- or at least at Christmas. I didn’t go out for my birthday dinner on the first of October hoping it would happen and was disappointed like some of our close friends. They were certainly happy to hear he’d announced me future Mrs. Styles a week later!

When I thought about writing this post after we’d got over all the excitement (we’re still planning our engagement party too) I drew a blank. Engagement photos are definitely not my thing. I don’t understand them. Fair enough if you want them, I’m just not on the bandwagon. I really didn’t know how to share this news. It has been a little while in the works, I got out my camera, found a vision and here we are. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out and now you know.

get-ready-with-me-1-of-1-9 get-ready-with-me-1-of-1-7

From day one, the first people we told, we got asked “have you set a date?”. Not exactly. I’ll go into this more in another post but remember, we’re off to Europe! We still have plans to buy home and we will see where exactly a wedding fits in at a later date.

I’ll bring you along every step of the way through planning etc- we’re engaged, and so happy about it.

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