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We’re Booked

Were Booked

WE DID IT. Finally, all our plans are becoming real and our tour through Europe is booked.

If you’re not sure what I am on about then you haven’t heard my persistent nattering on Twitter (Keep in the know here) about our trip to Europe next year.

You may laugh- Ha! Next Year! Well I’ll have you know that next year is fast approaching- it felt like a month ago that we were deciding between us not to book in September 2015 but May 2017.

This will be our first trip abroad, hopefully first of many. The trip before we get settled. We want to make it a big one. This is why we booked with Topdeck Travel (I’ll also inform you that we are not sponsored by Topdeck, we just think they are the best option for us). Topdeck are a company that take a group of people (between ages 18-30 somethings) in coaches around different countries for a set amount of time. They put you up with a coach for transport, hotels for accommodation and personally give you guided tours of these countries. Topdeck is perfect for those first time travellers like Matthew and I who want to see the best of the best in a set timeframe.

Matthew and I decided to go with Topdeck’s Europe Uncovered as we didn’t want a booze-bus type scenario, something sophisticated but also hip and focused on culture that was for a decent amount of time- this one is 23 days. We plan to take time off work and return to our jobs once home, our complete experience will be 7 weeks long.

Were Booked


Our Topdeck Tour consists of 13 Countries. I get asked all the time what we are actually going to see. So to start we are picked up at 6am in London.

We spend 3 days in Pairs, 2 days in the Swiss Alps, 2 days in Nice, French Riviera, 1 day in Monaco, 1 day in Florence, Italy, 2 days in Rome and then 2 days in Venice.

We then move on to spend 2 days in Pula, Croatia, 1 day in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1 day in Salzburg, Austria, 2 days in Prague, Czech Republic and then 2 days in Berlin, Germany.

We finish our tour in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This seems we booked a very fast paced tour, I know. We will be blogging and vlogging the whole trip (Matthew has his Youtube channel here). I can assure you, we are staying in Hotels. We plan to have a chill, good old time regardless of the fact we’re travelling a lot. We are spending a week in London before and after- not to mention a stopover in Dubai on the way home. We booked with House of Travel and will be flying with Emirates once we can book the early flights. We will be able to finalise our Dubai package at that time.

You know by my last posts that I am Pinterest addicted, I am setting up a few boards for this trip. Where we are going, What I would love to wear and my “Shopping List” for the trip too. I’ll update you with more later because you know its gonna happen.

I hope you’ll enjoy this journey with us, I’ll definitely be taking you through Europe with us!







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