Introducing a new, reoccurring feature on my blog:


Inspired from the Bleubird Blog‘s “Want, Need, Wear, Read”  I think this is such a fantastic idea of expressing things we think in daily life. Go check her out here, I give James the full credit for this one, although I have altered it to reflect myself and my blog.

Aside from all the credit I will dive right into it and give you week one’s Want, Need, Notice, Deed.


Therapy Kitchen Hand Wash

Therapy Kitchen Hand Lotion















These are something I have been fawning over for quite a while, I would love to see these sitting on my kitchen sill. They are both aesthetically pleasing, not to mention nourishing for your hands- full of all the good stuff. I adore this brand and I also love that they not only fulfil my need to have trillions of candles but my home fragrance and body care needs also. To be honest I would love to see every single one of their products chilling on my vanity.


Paul & Joe Cosmetic Pouch


Paul& Joe










I have been looking at this for quite a while also, but everywhere I look it is out of stock- it is perfect for a quick ‘chuck in the handbag’ necessities fix for going to work or heading out of town. What really draws me to this cosmetic pouch in particular were the ring-binder inserts, the mesh one especially. I will be waiting for this to come back in stock on ASOS, unless any of you have ones like it in mind that you could recommend?


Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 6.54.59 pm


This is a blog that I happily stumbled across, I scrolled through a few pages and I really like her style. I enjoy the photography, her travel posts and she is unique, although I do not have a similar style she still inspires a few ideas- which is always great.



Today I took part in something that is totally foreign to me. For those of you who follow me on twitter (thanks by the way, you’ve got nerve since I suck at it) I caught the tail end of #bbloggers chat. #Bbloggers (Beauty Bloggers) is a hashtag created on twitter for beauty bloggers to chat about set or non-set topics (depending on the day) via the twitter. I came across this through Hannah Maggs’s old blog (you can find her new one here). I think she is a very inspiring blogger/youtuber and I really enjoy being a subscriber to her channels.

Getting off the ramble some of you may know I suck at twitter, especially since my smartphone is away getting fixed. I barely know how to use twitter, let alone chat with people on it- but I’m happy with using it anyway.

As I consider myself new to the Beauty Blogging community I am not surprised I only recently discovered this very cool group. It takes place 8pm Wednesday and Sunday nights UK time (9AM Monday and Thursdays NZ time) and I will be taking part as much as possible. Since I do have Mondays off, you can scold me for not being present on said day. I think this is such a wonderful opportunity to share a common interest and experience with people all around the world. I can’t wait to be apart of it and I hope to chat with some of you there.

AND THAT IS IT for week 1 of Want, Need, Notice, Deed. Click the like button if you liked it so I can bring more of this good stuff right to your screens!

XXX Ambermarie.

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