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amber romance

Amber Romance. It sounds cheesy I know. Really, it is. It’s a gimmick. I was gifted the Victorias Secret Amber Romance Body Mist and Hand & Body Cream once and have grown to love them! Everyone thinks its funny when you have your name on something.

BUT GET THIS, I have been using them ever since.

Amber romance Amber Romance

The fragrance is different from others in the range.  They are typically sweet and girly which I shy away from. The Amber Romance is pleasantly musky and deep. It has a rich, spicy aroma which is not overpowering. I carry the body mist in my handbag for work and the body cream at home. I use the hand and body cream before bed.  This sits on my bedside table and I’ll slather this on my arms and legs after my nightly shower, I enjoy going to bed smelling good!

These can be picked up at a local Warehouse store which I thought was really odd at first. The Warehouse is a New Zealand department store specialising a vast range of affordable products. They seem to be able to import a few beauty products that would otherwise be hard to find here. If  you haven’t looked at the beauty isle I suggest you give it a go.

The Amber Romance moisturiser is not too thick and can be rubbed into your skin easily. It also doesn’t take long for your skin to suck in  the moisture. It leaves you with a nice, subtle fragrance without being too overpowering.

The Amber Romance body mist is a princess product that I enjoy. It is easy to spray on during breaks at work. I like to make sure that I always have something like this in my bag. This ensures that I smell pleasant all day.

What are you using at the moment to keep you moisturised? Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 4.09.58 PM


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