Update on the Updates

Just a quick little update about a couple of features here on my blog.I have thought long and hard about the changes that I will be making to how I “do” my blog- to me they are big changes, but to you they are probably not, but as we all know communication is the key to a healthy relationship I will provide you with an update no matter how minuscule or large you think it may be.

First of all I would like to notify you that I will no longer be doing Want, Need, Notice, Deed once a week- I will be limiting this to once a month, just like a monthly favourite, that way I will be able to better explain said categories and the information I invest into them. I do really enjoy my WNND’s but I don’t want to have to scramble for something new every week, and I think that over time the more important products, blogs, events and so on (to myself, you don’t have to agree with these choices) will triumph over the petty little things I generally take such great interest in (for a very limited space of time). 

I will also be introducing Mollycoddle Monday. During Mollycoddle Monday’s I plan on inviting you into my home to show you what I love to do on my Monday’s off. This consists largely of, you got it, baking. Monday is my day, the day when I have the house to myself, I make our lunches for the week, I bake something scrummy for Matthew to fatten him up and I potter. Mondays are my favourite of days for this reason- just as Sunday’s may be for you, so I am very excited for this feature. This will be a work in progress for a long time and I am not sure how often I will post Mollycoddle Monday in a month, but probably at least once or twice- as Matthew does like a good bit of baking, and I love to bake. I know some of you may not like this as it is not a healthy thing to be advertising often, and I make no promises with free-range, gluten-free or organic, although I like to mix it up a bit, but I do assure you that I do not eat a large part of my baking as I am trying to be a better me (take that however you want) and I do like to do things in a healthy fashion 90% of the time- as healthy as you can be for your fussy man-child of a partner anyway.

I do like the idea of changing up Mollycoddle Monday’s also, I do not guarantee that it will always be a baking post. To mollycoddle is to treat, pamper or overindulge (long story short) and so this could be a variety of things and I like to keep an open mind. So heres to brilliant new changes!

Unfortunately these changes will be commencing this Tuesday as I do have to cover at work, so my day off has been switched (hopefully just this once), but my Tuesday will be going on just as my normal Monday would minus the #bbloggers chat- jipped.

So I hope these changes excite you (uh, -yeah, I said it and I’m sticking with it), and you’ll be hearing from me soon m’loves. 

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