Turkish Pide and Caramelised Onion, Oh joy

Yesterday I spent another day in the kitchen. With full intention of making muffins with my brand new muffin tray I have no idea how I ended up with a couple loaves of turkish pide.

Before this I had never attempted turkish pide, and I should have left it a little longer to brown more, but my guests passing through couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try freshly baked bread- who can?

I also whipped up some caramelised onion to go with the bread, as it makes a perfect pairing with burgers, sandwiches and crackers, or even on bread itself. I pulled the recipes out of my Little and Friday cookbooks, which I must say are very impressive.








This was actually very yummy, and my guests were impressed, but I will tweak the bread recipe to add more herbs and flavour when I make it next. I also added some home grown tommies and spinach in there, it was grand. Hope you enjoy and definitely have a look at these books, they’re winners!

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