Coming into summer as I stated in my last post, it is getting warmer and warmer. I have been very enthusiastic about creating healthy alternatives to my favourites and I have been doing just that with the summer classics. Of course popsicles and ice creams are always the summer go-to here in New Zealand, and so I made some of my own.



I did not use a recipe for these, I just decided to whip them up for later according to what I felt like. In these I have blueberries, greek yoghurt, mint and honey, simple and effective- they are perfect for those sweet cravings. Although I do really dislike like the mould I have at the moment, the shape just isn’t appealing to me- I have ordered another mould from Progressive International that should arrive in a few weeks. I am super excited as these are a fun treat to whip up, and you know you’re being good.

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