I have always struggled with my diet. How I should eat. What I should eat. How my body responds to things. Naturally you would try to source the root of the problem, right? This for me was Celiac Disease.

When I was eighteen I voluntarily became gluten free, knowing my body didn’t digest something about gluten. I always seemed to struggle with bloating, extra weight and constipation. I am not ashamed to admit it OR discuss it. It was just a way of life for me. But now is the time that I became honest and clean with myself and you- my friends, family and viewers, about my “gluten” problem.

Yes I do claim to have Celiac. But I also have a nibble of gluten every now and again claiming that I will be fine. Something does not sit right- these claims are contradictory. One of these claims is false.

I have Celiac Disease.

If I eat gluten I will NOT be fine.

This is something that was a huge struggle for me to admit to myself, even after a diagnosis. Denial was a real thing for me. I would eat little treats willing my body to be OK with it- only for it to add up in the long run where I would have a meltdown. I have Celiac. This is how I was created and I have to face the facts- and you do too.

I do not want to waffle on about not eating gluten, its done and dusted. I have been sick and I know how the repercussions of eating gluten feel- and I never want to feel this way again. I’m done.

I travelled Europe and it was marvellous (find my Instagram here), I had a better experience than I could have imaged. However, I did get incredibly sick. I have never been more motivated to come home and get on the “listen to my body” bandwagon. I went a whole month of having the time of my life but I waited for when I would come home and make sure that I made my body into the best machine it could be. I was done with feeling ill for eating something I wasn’t sure about. I was over not being in control.

Lately I have been making sure to feed my body the nutrients it needs. I work hard on providing it with the tools it needs to thrive on. Things like nourishing food, exercise, rest and water. I am not saying that I am good at this just yet- but I am working with my body- not against it. I am trying to listen to my body.

What does this means for the blog?

As an avid foodie there will be more food and recipe type posts along with the regular luxury beauty posts. I will be posting about health and fitness as I am so passionate and motivated, and I want to make sure that my blog reflects that. Overall you will see my regular fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts, but I want to include more varied content. I am balancing out my life again to make sure I am well and excited to bring new content here. Please bear with me.

You will also see that Ambermariemarie has had a makeover- this is a new face to suit my changes. I hope you love it as much as I do!

If you would like to see more about my lifestyle journey, read my lifestyle journey here. Keep well, keep happy- focus on the good life!


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