We have landed! We flew into Heathrow Airport and made our journey to our first destination…. Bournemouth!


Being a place close to where Matthew’s family grew up we spent our first day travelling around the special family hotspots in Bournemouth. We made a trip into Poole and Christchurch as they were quite close also!

Making the most of Matthew’s family heritage there we know we would like to go back and explore Poole and Christchurch more thoroughly later on, so you’ll see more of those soon.

Due to the lack of roaming wifi I have decided that I will be putting together a series of Instagram-style travel diaries! Whether these will be released before the photos on Instagram first or not I have not yet decided.



Please excuse Matthew and I posing as tourists…. (I try to pretend I am not one…). We loved walking around the city and only parked in one spot and walked. The buildings in Christchurch are really something special. I am sorry to say that if you are native to the UK you may have seen it all before! I found the churches and even the old Council Estate Houses are beautiful! In New Zealand we definitely lack this kind of old history.