THE SKIN EDIT: Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

Its that time again, a new skin edit.

This time it is the cleansing gel that is getting some loving from pretty much every beauty blogger/vloggers that I adore- so naturally this one was the next thing to come into the mix.

Beauty Gurus everywhere have been singing this cleansers praises and I can really see why. First of all it is a cleansing gel that turns into an oil as you massage it into your face, it is aimed at illuminating your skin and really bringing back that radiance. I feel this cleanser does just that, it really brightens and nourishes and leaves your skin very soft and silky to the touch.


The packaging was the first thing that drew me to this cleanser, very simple, straight to the point and appealing with its plain fonts and graphics, but the product inside really blew me away. A pinky peachy, orange gel that turns into a light, white to clear oil that smells of turkish delight is something that I am more than happy to apply to my face day and night. Infused with natural ingredients of chamomile and rose, pumpkin enzymes, vitamins A, C & E and Omega 6 this has to be good for your skin.


I have had great results with this cleanser, I have combination to dry skin and have really noticed the dryness disappearing, I haven’t had a spot in what seems like forever and it is such a simple thing to add into your daily routine.

I use this cleansing before each of my daily showers- I apply the cleanser to my face, really rub it in and then get in the shower where I will wash it off. It removes any makeup before I get in the shower at night and refreshes my face, removing any sleep, as I get up in the morning. This is a real gem, I am totally in love.

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