THE SKIN EDIT- FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Clarins Paris Water Comfort One-Step Peach Cleanser


Aside from the very long but otherwise very self explanatory title there is nothing complicated and everything simple about this cleanser. I have been using this cleanser non-stop since I purchased it from my local Farmers store and love every second of using it.

I have coveted this product ever since Suzie from Hello October mentioned it in her Skincare Videos and Posts on her blog (Link here– I actually adore her.) and have finally just gone out and purchased it. What drew me in was most definitely that it is with Peach, of course- but also the fact that I have never tried much from Clarins at all but adore putting “the good stuff”, as they say, on my face. I instantly knew this would be a product for me.

I may not use this product as everyone else would as I use this after cleansing my face- Yes after. An essential step in my night time routine I would cleanse my face with my normal cleanser, shower and head straight to this baby. Using this cleansing water after my first initial cleanse helps remove any leftover make up or reside dirt that the first cleanse may not have got off. I use this especially on my eyes as I struggle with removing mascara and hard to reach eyeliner as I like to be gentle in this area, and you’ll be surprised how much leftover foundation it can pick up also.

I use this in the morning after my morning shower also to freshen up and kickstart my daily skincare & makeup routine. It definitely adds a little luxurious, fresh elegance to your day.

The smell is definitely no let down here, and I love the fresh, clean feeling this cleanser gives. It is very gentle and removes every last bit of dirt or makeup you may have on your face. It also seems to be long-lasting, so far, although considering how much I love using this cleanser I have to hold myself back from dabbing a little on my face for the hell of it.

So far this has exceeded my expectations and I am left with a first impression of perfection. Love.

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