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THE ONES TO WATCH- The Bloggers that I love.

the ones to watch-2

I thought I would share with you some of the blogs that I read on the regular. Recently I have been gravitating towards bloggers that are style and lifestyle based, rather than just beauty. I have been making a bigger effort with my blog, as per my previous posts. I want to post more, I want to comment more and the blogging community is so incredible. With running a blog comes admiration for others, here are the ones I love and I hope you do too!



0R2A9725-2Photo from Amber’s blog- Smooth legs with EOS post- link to her beauty review post here.

Otherwise known as Barefoot Blonde, Amber has the most gorgeous, romantic blog that I recently fell in love with. Amber writes about travel, family, beauty, fashion and lifestyle with clear, crisp photography and a lady with such charisma and charm- how can you resist? (especially with a name like that, right). I have been following her blog and her little family for a while and like the other blogs featured here her’s is a big inspiration to Amber Marie.




IMG_1554Photo from Cara’s blog- Comfort with Clad and Cloth- link to her fashion post here.

Cara Loren has a self titled blog that is so chill. Relaxed and calm with all of the style and a very professional feel. Cara’s blog is also one of my more recent blogs to read but I love her style. Her family is gorgeous and she also runs her own little clothing line which I find incredible. Cara’s content usually consists of beauty, fashion, family, travel and lifestyle.




In-The-Frow-Burberry-Amber-Rose-Photography-24-1600x1067Photo from Victoria’s blog- Burberry Thomas’s Cafe: For a Special Mothers Day- link to her Mothers Day Lifestyle post here.

I have been reading In the Frow for quite a while, maybe a couple years. Stylish, classic and unique- I adore Victoria’s style also, but unlike Cara Loren’s style I’m not sure I could pull this one off. For me Victoria is the height of fashion, with chic and business-like class. Victoria’s blog is down to earth and has Luxury stamped all over it. I get most of my beauty recommendations from Victoria’s blog. The content featured on Victoria’s blog is very close to that of the previous two, highly focused on beauty and fashion with a bit of lifestyle and travel thrown in.




ivvinnPhoto from Sammi’s blog- Never Fully Dressed- link to her Style Diary post here.

Samantha Maria Official is a blog that I go to for fashion advice. Sammi is lighthearted, bubbly and fun. She’s upfront and quirky which I find very refreshing. Her business, Novem & Knight has simple, basic pieces that are easily staples in the wardrobe. I learned a lot of my photo editing from Sammi’s blog and she continues to be an inspiration here!




K16Photo from Suzie’s blog- Goodbye 2015- link to her Lifestyle chat post here.

Last but not least Suzie’s blog, Hello October, is the one that I have been reading the longest. Sweet, chirpy and fellow “pint sized” blogger Suzie just makes me happy. Most of these bloggers have youtube channels but Suzie’s is the one I go back to almost every day. Suzie has beauty, fashion, lifestyle and a little travel like the others which has come a long way since I started reading. She has a friendly, happy, love-life type vibe and I totally dig it.

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favourite bloggers, where most of the inspiration for Amber Marie comes from. Check them out, adore them as much as I do and feel free to thank me!



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