THE MONDAY POST: Pretty Necessities


There are two things that I think are necessities and that is highlighter and candles. What girl doesn’t need those? Well, let me tell you…

I go through candles like none other, so spending a pretty penny on one is clearly not justifiable, but this one had my name on it… literally. 




The Ecoya Blue Cypress and Amber Candle was the last one left in Farmers and I walked away, I did. And then I came straight back. I couldn’t resist a number of things; my name in pretty gold lettering, the gorgeous scent and the very obvious fact that it was “limited edition” and lonely- I had to have it. I would be mad at myself for days if I didn’t. Thats worth it isn’t it? Luckily I had a $20 voucher (don’t ask how much I had to spend to get it- lets just say Farmers and I are close friends)

This candle is a medium bodied candle with an oriental scent, florally and honeyed sweet, a perfect comfort for burning at home. The thing about Ecoya candles is that the scent delicately fills the room, which I love, I am forever getting compliments that my house “smells lovely”- something I definitely pride myself on and this is all thanks to candles (and the obvious fact that we’re clean freaks).

My second treat for the day was a re-purchase, the Estée Lauder Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter.


This is a all round favourite, and at one point or another I have seen it on my favourite bloggers sites. The concealer works a treat as well as giving you that wide-eyed glow that every girl is after.

Tell me, have you tried either of these gems?

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