I’m sure that no matter the season you are going to want to maintain that beautiful, healthy glow that really livens up a face and I’ve found the perfect product for you…



Of course I am talking about the Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer. This product has been on my lust list for what seems like forever, and I am sure glad it is now apart of my collection- I have seen this bronzer don the faces of all my favourite beauty bloggers/youtubers and not only is this great size for your money but the quality of the actual product is incredible.

Unlike other bronzers I have used that give me a weird too golden, orange mess,  this brings the perfect natural healthy glow to my face without looking like I’m in denial about my fair skin. Only just have I started to realise that giving your brush a good swirl is far too much, and end up having to do a lot of blending to make sure I don’t look like a bronzed up oompa-loompa, so this will seriously last years- which is great, as I use it in my crease too!

I brought the shade 01-Light (naturally) which isn’t too gold or reddy-toned for me like most other bronzers- this is a sort of muddier, warm sand type colour which is perfect for everything. I’ve been using this daily around the contours of my face, even using the snazzy brush it comes with over my beloved Zoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek brush- and I’m sorry to say, for those of you who are coming into the colder seasons, I am very excited to use this bad boy in Spring.



Have you tried this bronzer before? What are your thoughts?

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