A chatty post hasn’t happened here in a while so I thought I would let you all know what’s been going on behind the scenes lately.

Firstly, we all know it was my birthday, so aside from turning another year older I also celebrated with family and friends a couple weekends and actually managed to keep to a healthy diet! I find it much easier to eat fresh, my main goal everyday, when the suns out!

Matthew and I are saving for a trip around Europe next year, as well as looking into purchasing our own home after, so we are both saving as hard as we can (although a trip to the dentist for me this week is not going to be pretty as I broke a tooth.) Please let me know of your favourite places to shop around London and Paris, cause that’ll be one shopping trip I’m not going to miss!

Ive been working my butt off to get into shape, fitness and health are fast becoming big interests for me- so I procrastinate a lot by learning about these topics! When I’m not procrastinating or at work I’m in the gym… and before I start to discuss the very cushy life of our little Toby I’ll leave the update here…

Who needs to hear about our cat…. honestly.


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