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In my hometown theres a place called the Hamiton Gardens. It is one of my all-time favourite places to explore. My friend Sophia and I went wandering this weekend. It was crazy sunny, crazy busy and so picturesque. I would have loved to get some shots of us together but with a combination of the blazing sun and the masses of tourists we failed on that part. But enjoy the shots I did manage to get!

This garden here is my favourite, we made a beeline for it. Its called the Italian Renaissance Garden and it is completely manicured, relaxing and just really regal. I love it.


This garden is the English Flower Garden. Another gorgeous, simple garden that houses most of my favourite blooms.


The last garden I have pictured is the Indian Char Bagh Garden. I couldnt get too many snaps as there was people EVERYWHERE. But the smell of marigolds greets you as you walk in. It transports you into a completely different world.


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