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The First Home Haul

If you haven’t seen my latest Instagram- we did it! We brought a house…

After owning the actual home, interior decorating has to be the thing I am most excited about. Finally, we can pull together a place to call home. I am excited and not excited about renovating, however, we don’t need to do anything immediately (thats important anyhow) and we can just get on with living in it and making it our own.

Country Road was the first place I thought of when it came to decorating our home. Luckily, our offer was accepted before Christmas, just in time for the parents to get in on the “home gift” action. Lets say it wasn’t hard to buy us gifts this year and we were very lucky for what we did receive.

I was able to choose my own gifts as we had vouchers for Country Road to stock up on pretty bits for the home. We decided to get things you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself or things you wouldn’t deem necessities as we have most of these in storage. We also had a few points we could spend, so we brought ourselves this lovely comfort blanket from Città  just for good measure! We managed to shop the Boxing Day sales which was an added bonus, and so here is the first part of our home haul!


Matthew and I have been planning our future for quite some time, obviously. You may have seen my previous posts on the blog about what we plan and what I am excited about. Or you may have seen our vlogs from our two months abroad in Europe, no? We are always posting on Instagram or otherwise see what I have been pinning- I am always posting new ideas on Pinterest and you may even get to know what Ive done before it hits the blog! There are many ways to keep in touch, and I will be posting regularly for the rest of the year!


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