Last month was a blur, quite frankly. It was a mixture of moving, unpacking…. well, if you read my last post you’ll know the goss. Now that I am settled in and ready to go, I want to start hitting the goals that I have made for 2017. Namely being more involved in Fashion.

Towards the end of 2016 I was highly influenced by bloggers/vloggers such as Victoria from In the Frow, Suzie from Hello October, Tamara from The Glam and Glitter and Hannah from Hannah Maggs. But there are two who have especially made an imprint on my fashion sense- Pia from Finding the Finer and Negin Mirsalehi from her self titled blog. I have been more aware of fashion trends and style in the last six months than ever in my life.  I can probably thank these young women. Nonetheless, I would like to be more involved in fashion going forward.

Fashion is something that I have an interest in, but it is not in my blood. The women in my family never avidly sought out fashion as one of their creative outlets. This makes Fashion a very foreign thing to me, something that I continue to learn about.



Its not about the size of your waist, its what you do with it

The boldness of the outfit is not what draws the attention, its your confidence rocking it that will have them nodding

Trends are good, as long as you incorporate them in your own way.


Lets hope I can take my own advice.

This year I guess I will be buying more clothes than in previous years. Not only because I am more fashion conscious, but also due to my travel to Europe. I am seeing this trip as turning over a new leaf for myself and ambermariemarie. I see this as moving in a direction for bigger and better things. It has got me very enthusiastic about life and what I want out of it.

So far February has had mixed emotions. One minute its muggy and hot, next minute its raining, and then freezing come morning. I have had a hard time dressing to the temperature. In saying that I have amalgamated a few of the current trends or staples that I am loving this February.

I am loving anything white, khaki, navy or burgundy currently- it could be the cooler weather but you may notice a theme…






These  are the things that have been on my mind lately. They are the things I am reaching for, or they are firmly on my lust list. I pair them with staples like boots, flats and bags as well as simple gold jewellery.

As time goes on I will start to incorporate photos of outfit shoots I have done, as I slowly build up my wardrobe (moving made me realise I am in dire need of a over haul)

Please do tell me if you enjoyed this kind of post! Until next time…


Photos featured from Asos, Topshop and Vogue Australia

Bloggers featured: Hello OctoberIn the FrowThe Glam and GlitterFinding the FinerNegin Mirsalehi and Hannah Maggs.

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