I am warning you now, this is a very personal, casual type post and may contain images that are very vlogger-esque. Thank you for your discretion.

Today I had a very me-time, relax, unwind kind of day- which basically for me is the pottering kind of day. I am a big potterer, I enjoy it and it is actually something I rarely do. I usually have a big list of things I need to get done come the days I have off, but today I was feeling a little anxious and overwhelmed (which I am not sure why) and just needed one of those days to alone and with no “list”.

It was a stunner of a day and perfect to improve my how I was feeling, and today I focused on my health. A bit of yoga here, a healthy snack there and plenty of tea and water. Hows that for uplifting your mood!


Breakfast: My morning coffee, first thing, with organic whole milk and sweetened with a tad of stevia. Toasted dark Rye bread with half an avocado and a poached free range egg.

Snack: Plain greek yoghurt with a sliced apple, sprinkled with cinnamon

Lunch: Freshly cooked White Quinoa topped with leftover roast chicken, baby spinach, cucumber and a dollop of plain greek yoghurt, with a pinch of poppy and sesame seeds. For tea I had a loose leaf detox tea with a lemon wedge.

Snack: A couple sticks of celery with organic smooth peanut butter.

Dinner: Chicken Enchiladas with a side of baby spinach

Snack: Three pieces of dark chocolate and a cup of decaffeinated vanilla comoro tea.


On a lazy day its obvious that I don’t do too much aside from pottering around home. Before I do anything I make myself a coffee (and of course Matthew’s lunch before he goes to work). I am not much of a sleep-in kinda girl, I don’t believe in wasting my day unless my body needs some extra zzz. This morning after my coffee I showered, made breakfast and went out to the garden in search of the motivation I was obviously lacking. I managed to find some treasures and picked the zucchini, radishes, carrots and tomatoes that were due to be harvested. I came inside and feeling a bit happier, did a couple rounds of yoga until I was all stretched and relaxed.


I then made myself a cup of tea and sat down to watch my youtube, browse the twitter, bloglovin’ and the pinterests before cooking some lunch. The sun was so lovely I literally refused to go anywhere until around 2.30.


At this point of the day I start to feel as if I have wasted most of the hours I hadΒ and need to go out and do something, so I decided to go to the fruit&veg store just to pick up a couple of essentials I had run out of. I then came straight home for a snack and decided to tend to the home, you know- meal prep, dishes, laundry etc.


Usually on a Monday my mother will come around for a coffee, which she did, after Matthew had got home. Dinner was cooked, conversation had and at 6.30 we made a quick trip to the lake for a swim.

Overall the day was pretty good, relaxing, which is what I wanted before I start my busy week of work. Tell me what you do on your “lazy” days.



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