The Current Shoe Wishlist

Lately I’ve seen myself coveting shoes above everything else- I’ve never been a shoe collector or one that lusts after shoes but lately that has changed- and I mean majorly, like wanting the same colour in three different brand type changed.

After going religiously to the gym and staring to generally live an active lifestyle I have seen myself wanting more and more pairs of “active” shoes. Shoes that are cool and casual, can be worn out daily, and are versatile and timeless in style, not at all like my usual ballet flats- my style has changed and I’m feeling so good about it- I even brought a pair of light blue jeans for the first time in years!

Nike, Vans, Converse Farfetch Wishlist

The main point of this post was to show you my Wishlist of shoes currently (and of course some snazzy artwork soon), let you in, see a little more of behind the thought process of Amber Marie.  As you can see I definitely have a very set sense of style, sorry for seeming repetitive but they are all technically different, right? Pictured below is an amazing infographic from FarFetch– an online store where I like to buy some of my Nike gear from, (don’t worry- I’m not gaining anything from this other than the pretty infographic, this is not a sponsored post, the artwork just made me happy). This is showing shoes through the ages, which I thought was appropriate since I’m going through a change in style myself- apparently I’m still living in the 1990-2000 era… I’m sure you’ll be okay with that, right?


This infographic seriously amazed me, being a creative person, and into fashion, design and beauty whats not to love about this timeless piece about shoe history (can you tell I loved school?) I find it incredible that we still don these classic styles in our everyday wear now. What era is your style from?
 It was hard to locate all of the shoes I listed on my wishlist to link as I had seen them in stores so I am going to add a list here of what they are, you will be able to find these in stores or online near you if you’d like!
Converse All Star Fancy White, Papyrus and Charcoal (Via Converse Outlet)
Nike  Rosche Run Black and Pure Platinum (Via Asos)
Otherwise- shop the Vans and Nike Rosche One’s on FarFetch here:


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