The Paper Bag Procurement.


Today Matthew and I had a lovely day out in town, and it seems I managed to procure a few brown bags along the way-quite coincidentally.

With what started as price-hunting for a new set of ear piercings (I only have the norm and want a second) turned into quite the spoiling trip.

I had a voucher for the body shop that I had been holding on to until I decided that I needed something and came out with the Vitamin E Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes, a sample for the Vitamin E Moisture Cream and the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. I may do a review or two on these in the future, as I can see myself really liking the latter.



We then headed off for coffee at Starbucks (being an old employee, its hard to stay away) and then headed to the bookstore, where we lingered for at least half and hour just browsing through the books. I saw one book “At Home with White” by Atlanta Bartlett that I was longing to own, but I restrained myself and decided to wait, perhaps until a sale. I did, however, get a bargain deal on Jim Meehan’s “The PDT Cocktail Book” which claims to be ‘The Complete Bartender’s Guide from the Celebrated Speakeasy’. I very happy with this book as it is completely visually appealing and it not only has it recipes, but alcoholic ones- which is not because I like alcohol, but because I like entertaining, and everyone else likes alcohol. Duh.


We decided we were hungry, especially as I was drooling over the cookbooks, so we decided to be fancy and have lunch out- which is something we never do. We chose one of my favourite little restaurant/cafe’s and chose our meals. Matthew had the Open Chicken Sandwhich, no surprises there and I decided on the Glazed Baked Salmon Salad. It was gorgeous, but a little chilly outside with the breeze.

We then made our way quickly past my favourite Epicurean and I picked up  these bottle beauties.


This is from a soda company, and I initially spotted the Sarsaparilla for my dad, as its his birthday coming up and would be perfect in a gift basket- then I saw the cherry and pomegranate and couldn’t resist one for myself- even if just to look at. Mine is made with real cherries, pomegranate molasses,orange blossom water and organic cane sugar, which I am very happy about- it looks great on my little bar shelf (Yes I know, but I don’t have an actual bar, okay.)

Matthew decided to take me around all the fishing/hunting stores in the town before we proceeded back home, but I am pretty pleased with my pretty patronage. Have you done a brown paper bag shop lately?

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