I, like most of you, decided that with the new year it was out with the old and in with the new. For me this basically applies to everything. Out with the old diet, the old habits, the clutter and even the bloggers list. Well, thats mostly true…

I had a big clean-out of my Bloglovin’ recently- I was getting overwhelmed with posts that I, as a reader, didn’t have an extreme amount of interest in. It got so bad, to the point that I no longer even visited Bloglovin’- where commenting on other blogs and, being a very visual blogger, gaining inspiration and ideas ceased- something that I had deemed extremely important before. Yes, I have this new big active lifestyle, where living and eating clean, not to mention working out, were very high on my priority list- but I had not intended for my blogging to stop, and I wondered where all my ideas had gone. To put this short and sweetly, out with the old isn’t always what it cracks up to be, so I’m bringing this baby back.

I have a few blogs where I read a post and I think- “I really enjoyed reading that” or “I love this concept” and usually it will inspire me to write. One of the biggest rules of the blogosphere is to write what you enjoy reading, and I definitely try to live by that rule (or at least blog by it.) Here I thought I would share those blogs with you- starting with the top of my Bloglovin’ list, not in any “favourites” order.

BLEUBIRD– Probably the first blog I ever started following, the blog that made me want to start blogging from the beginning- no big deal or anything (heh.)

Bloomin’ Rouge– Full of fantastic tips and simplistic style.

 Gh0stparties– She has some wicked interior skills and fantastic taste in beauty

Girl With Makeup–  A place I like to go for a nice relaxing read- she has some good suggestions.

Hannah Maggs– Hannah has a very quirky writing sense and her vlogs are made in heaven.

Hello October– A girl after my own heart, we’re too alike for me not to love this blog over and over.

I Covet Thee– A really sweet, clean blog with a good mixture of lifestyle, beauty and reviews.

Lipstick With Some Sunshine– She has some killer style and a real eye for the minimal, love love love.

Milkteef– Always a good source of some inspiring words of wisdom.

That Grace Girl– Beautiful photography and some really really fab recommendations.

The Lovecats Inc– For some reason this blog oozes class and luxury, a little happy place.

Vivianna Does Makeup– this is sure to stock you up on a good bit of tips and tricks from a well learned lady

And there are my suggestions- discover, love and then come back and thank me! If you have any that you think should be on this list do let me know!



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