I know this is unusual content for me but I couldn’t help but upload it.

That Broody feeling has totally hit Matthew and I, and it seems everyone around us are getting blessed with bundles of joy (Congratulations to my little brother Daniel and his wife Nikki- with my gorgeous new nephew, Jack)

We have been so excited about starting to plan our lives, although the wedding planning has us totally stumped. For now the planning stages of all the big things in life (house, wedding, puppy and children) are all on hold and if you’re a girl like me you love to plan the next big thing. I had to find a way to plan and “mood board” if you will, without nattering on in everyones faces 24/7, without being able to set plans in stone. Thats where Pinterest comes in.

Pinterest has been a lifesaver. I can pin my ideas, plan and search to my hearts content without having to bring anyone else into it. You may have seen my Pinterest Profile, I am so very proud, but I have attached a few of my “broody” boards for you to keep up to date on my personal scheming.


Our Wedding is something we are not quite sure on how it will go. It may be big, it may be small- its just a matter of time. We think it’ll happen around October 2018, but then again you never know. Until we decide on the three big ones (Date, Venue and Budget) I’ll continue to pin away until my hearts content.


Our house is probably the most reachable goal at the moment, although I would prefer to have a wedding first. We will see. I am always motivated by home pinning as interior decorating is something I am very passionate about. With Matthew being an electrician discussing our future home isn’t too hard to squeeze out of him (anyone else find that discussing these topics with their partner like trying to squeeze blood out of a stone?). I have different boards allocated to different rooms on my Pinterest- but this one has the style I love.


I have always been quite a maternal person, and being a bit broody over the last couple years has been something I’ve been able to keep under wraps- until now. My inability to keep my broodiness at bay is not only because all my friends are having children, but it also stems from Matthew. Matthew is more clucky than ever and our excitement grows as we step closer and closer to every milestone.

I hope you enjoyed my little rant about what we plan. Right now its just at the Pinterest stage but there are exciting things to come! Come over to Pinterest and scroll through my boards (I have many). You’ll get lost and addicted all at once.

(featured image via Masha Theone, she and her babe are totally gorgeous)

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