Washing my brushes is something I don’t really enjoy, non-the-less I have a schedule in which helps me ensure I have sanitary, clean brushes constantly. I thought I would do a post on my brush care and I hope this helps you with the tedious task every beauty blogger and make up lover alike dread.

I have two types of cleaning for my brushes, on-the-go cleaning for after every second use and deep cleans which are done once or twice a month. I am big on not spreading bacteria and my face definitely thanks me for it.




I wash my brushes with this method after every second time I use them, or immediately after if I am working on someone else- it is fast, reliable and simple, it definitely gets the job done. The way I do this is with a few paper towels and a makeup brush cleaner in the form of a spray. My cleaner of choice is the Clinique Makeup Brush Cleanser but when I am unable to get a bottle of this, any spray brush cleaner will do. I spray directly onto the towel and swirl the brush around in it, putting pressure to make sure you’re getting in the middle of the bristles, until the tip of the brush is white again. I’ll then go over the brush again to make sure I have got everything out. Spraying the cleaner directly onto the brush does get the top product out faster, and you can do it this way, I just prefer spraying the towel as it gets directly into the middle of the brush.


I do this at least once a month, and have a failsafe brush clean scheduled at the end of every month to make sure that it does get done. If I find that my brushes are getting  a bit dirty or I am starting to break out (or have broken out recently) I will do another one there and then. Deep Cleaning is very simple, as much of a pain it is, and I am able to do this in around twenty minutes.

I lay a clean towel down by the sink, get a small bowl and my cleaner. You can use soap, I personally use baby shampoo that is oil free. Make sure at no point in this process you have the brush vertical with the bristles facing the ceiling- this ensures you are not getting water in the barrel of the brush.  Place a small amount of the baby shampoo into your bowl and you’re ready to start washing your brushes.

I wet my brush head under lukewarm water, hot water may damage your brush, and once it is soaked ill dip the head of the brush into the baby shampoo. From here I will massage the brush over my hand and fingers, rinsing and reapplying shampoo every now and again until the water is running clear from the brush. I will then rinse one last time to make sure any soap is out of the brush. Give it a squeeze to remove excess water and I then lay the brush on my towel.

A good tip is to make a bump in your towel/fold the end of the towel that the handle of your brush will rest on so that the handle of your brush is elevated from the bristles. This makes sure that the water is running out of the brush and not sitting in the bristles or barrel.  Continue to follow the process until all your brushes are clean, I usually deep clean my brushes in the evening, and leave them to dry overnight. In the morning you’ll be set to enjoy lovely soft, clean brushes!

I hope this has helped and gets you cleaning your brushes regularly- if you don’t wash your brushes then starting this routine may see a change in your skin complexion, so give it a go!


NOTE:The brushes I have shown here are both of the Zoeva Luxury Golden Brush Sets- you can get them here– this is not a sponsored post.

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