Sunday morning crepe’s for two.

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It’s Sunday and it is about time we had ourselves a lovely cooked breakfast. Avoiding the usual greasy bacon and eggs I chose to cook crepes, which is such a wonderful morning, Sunday experience. Matthew was so shocked to return from the shower to the table set and I was so ready for a morning coffee. After this I thought I really should turn this into a Sunday habit.

Matthew adorned his with maple syrup, sugar and fresh lemon juice, while I had stewed apples on mine, with coffee on the side.

Making crepes in the morning on a Sunday was so wonderful, the sun was out, the smell of fresh coffee brewing on the stove and it was so laid back. I love not being pressed for time and I can’t wait to do this again, and next time Ill make sure to have prepped some orange juice and fresh fruit.

Do you have any Sunday habits? What do you prefer to eat on a sunny Sunday morning?

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