Styling for the Season

Ive never done a post like this, but here she goes.

In my little corner of the world the weather is turning cold, dreary and a little wet, and now is the time to dress for the occasion. I have always been the comfortable, effortless dress sense kind of girl, one of the jeans and tee types. I’ll admit I could accessorise more, a couple necklaces here and there wouldn’t go amiss, but I have been liking these select few purchases I have made over the last couple of months. I am very much into neutral colours, ask anyone and they will tell you I prefer whites, creams, blacks, browns and greys over anything FOR anything. Whether it be my home-wares, clothes, make up- anything I will always choose the neutrals, maybe with a navy, eggshell blue or emerald thrown in there occasionally.

I have to say that these clothes aren’t all brand new, I have worn, washed, creased and loved them and they are truly my favourite picks for this season, so any crinkles you may see, please avert your eyes.













Just a quick rundown: Scarf: CottonOn, Leggings & Three knitwear cardigans: Glassons, Top and Jeans: Jeans West, Converse All Stars are from Stirling Sports and Black Boots are from Number One?

The reason I love these items in particular is because they are all very versatile, you can layer as it gets colder and add accessories as you wish. The colours are easily matched and paired, dressed up and down to suit the occasion.

All my Essie Varnishes are from Farmers, the clear one is a non-chip top coat. We also have here Forever Yummy, Not Just a Pretty Face, Fiji and Chinchilly. I am slowly building my collection and love to add to it, its becoming a bit of an obsession- but I’m also looking after my nails so who can complain? I also have to say that I have had my Converse for far longer than a couple months, lets say around two years. Still my favourite.

Thats it for my first fashion post, let me know if you liked it and I may consider doing a couple more, I certainly enjoyed it!

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