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5 Step Skincare Routine

5 step skincare routine

I ran a poll on my twitter a little while ago asking what you guys would like to see and you asked for a Skincare Routine post- so here it is!

5 Step Skincare Routine 5 step skincare routine

I already have reviews on all of these products. Because of this I’m not going to go into too much detail about the products specifically. But I thought I would finally share with you my skincare routine. I shared how I am keeping my skin clear (at the moment I’m breaking out a little due to you-know-what).

With this routine I have noticed that even though my monthly breakouts are still happening (I get one or two large, sore spots that take a while to go away instead of lots of little ones) my skin is brighter and clearer than it ever has been. Thus bringing on this post.

I am not going to go into body care at the moment, this post is purely focused on face products. Let me know if you’d like to see that, but without further ado, lets get into it.



Washing my face is a big part of my morning. Much like my morning cuppa, I am not quite awake until this is done.

1: In the morning I will start buy washing my face before getting in the shower with my The Body Shop Seaweed Cleanser. This is cooling and refreshing. I splash this off with water or a damp cloth before getting into the shower.

2: After getting out of the shower I will wash my face again with my Lush Aqua Marina Cleanser. You may thing it is odd to wash my face twice. I do this for two reasons. 1: I enjoy to wash the “night”off my face, any sleep or dirt that may have been left over from the night before. (Don’t worry, I’ll go into my night routine below). 2: I don’t like getting into the shower without having washed my face, but I also don’t want to stand there for my whole routine before my shower. Nor do I like to wash my face in the shower as the water is too hot for my pores and I am already prone to redness.

My Aqua Marina cleanser is super gentle and calming- I will wash this with fresh warm water and pat my face dry.

3: Once or twice a week I will scrub my face with my Tea Tree 3-in-1 Wash.Scrub.Mask which keeps dirty pores at bay.

4: I next go in with my Tea Tree Toner and rub this all over except for the eye areas. I then dab a bit of Tea Tree Oil on any spots or scars I have and wait for it to dry. I think that this is the main reason I clear up pretty quickly. I will scrub my lips with my Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub in the meantime.

5: After my face is dry I will moisturise with my Simple Moisturiser. I leave this to soak in before applying my makeup for the day. I am also on the look out for an eye gel to add to my routine for the mornings to cool and brighten, so let me know if you have seen one.




My evening skincare routine is very similar to my morning routine, I’ll quickly chat you through this.

I get home from work and immediately want to take off my makeup unless we are going out. Even then I prefer to wash it off and apply a new face for an evening if I can.

1:I will go into the bathroom and use my Seaweed Cleanser to rid my face of all the makeup. This can look scary as I use this on my eyes to get rid of my eye makeup also. Mascara goes everywhere. I wipe this off with a damp cloth or makeup pad.

2: I then use Simple’s Micellar water to get rid of any residue makeup to make sure my face is completely makeup free.

3 & 4: After getting all my makeup off I will go in with the Aqua Marina Cleanser like above.  Once or twice a week I will then go in with my Antipodes Aura Manuka Mask. I leave this on for 15 minutes as I make myself a cup of tea or continue to cook dinner.

5: After this has sit I will wash off and follow with my Simple Moisturiser. I don’t mind using the same moisturiser as the morning as it does the job, I dont get dry skin usually. If I do get dry skin I will use The Body Shops Hemp Skin Protectant or Clinique’s Moisture Surge Intense Hydrating Lotion.

I hope you enjoyed my skincare routine. For some this can be extensive, for some it is quite simple. For me, I really enjoy the process of starting and finishing my day with my skincare. What do you do for your skin?




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