I decided to have a little Simple Skincare Haul & give the brand a go

Simple is not a brand I have ever looked twice at let alone a Simple Skincare Haul, and I’m not denying that I tried it because of some of the major marketing they have done through the blog and youtube community. Here’s what I think about the products I tried!

Simple Skincare Haul

As I mentioned above- Simple is not a skincare brand I have ever turned to, but it turns out that lingering down the skincare aisle in the supermarket has some benefits (and there are many more products that caught my eye- I may make this a thing!).

I have been using these Simple products for the past month (or more) and I’m going to talk you through how I use them, what I like about them and mention what I use alongside them.

Micellar water was the first thing that drew me to these products. You see micellar water on every blog and Youtube channel these days and I wanted to give it a go, but living in NZ you are fairly limited to what products you have direct access to and as I am one of those people who likes to buy directly off a shelf as opposed to Online- this is how my Simple Skincare Haul happened.

I love blogs and Youtube channels in the likes of Hello October, I Covet Thee and Zoella, all of which feature Simple at one point of another, so the brand was familiar to me. I ended up picking up the hydrating light moisturiser, micellar cleansing wipes and the cleansing facial wipes alongside the Micellar Water.

Simple Skincare Haul 2

I use the micellar water and light moisturiser day and night, I feel like I am forever running out of moisturiser! In the morning I will rise and after my shower I will wipe my face with the micellar water, tone with my Clinique Anti Blemish solutions clarifying lotion, moisturise with the Simple moisturiser and add a dab of Clinique’s all about eyes serum before applying makeup.

In the evening I will remove all my make up at the gym with the Simple Micellar Cleansing Wipes before my work out and these stay in my gym bag all the time for this purpose. When I return home from the gym I will either wipe my face with my normal Simple Cleansing Wipes before cooking or I will go straight in with The Body Shop’s Seaweed Cleanser, Simple’s Micellar Water, Simple’s Moisturiser and then Estée Lauder’s advanced Night Repair Eye Cream. I mostly have wipes lying around the house for on the go situations.

So far I have noticed less oil in my face during the day. I have noticed my skin is less red and probably because of this it is also slightly brighter. I have been enjoying using these products and am quite happy with the results. Please take into account that I have been more on top of my skincare and clean eating as of late and this obviously will drive results in your skin.

Disclaimer: I am not a skincare professional and am offering my opinions, experiences and results with Simple Skincare in an unsponsored post. All of these products have been paid for by myself.

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