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I have not been fortunate enough to visit a Sephora myself (That’s what happens when you don’t leave your country…) but I have always known that as soon as I get to Paris (or even Italy) I’m making a beeline.

I know that Sephora.NZ launched a while ago in NZ- and its silly of me to have taken this long to realise, but I seriously thought that Sephora was completely out of touch for us New Zealanders.

Obviously theres a serious blogger hype going on with this store but I can definitely see why. Sephora.NZ is pretty much just like the US and UK site in all is glory, informing you on the latest trends and products, all in NZ dollars- its a girls wonderland (Keep in mind that this post is completely unsponsored, although a girl can dream…). What may be lacking in some brands Sephora.NZ have still managed to capture the brands that are loved by certainly my favourite bloggers and vloggers in the States and UK.

Brands like Marc Jacobs Beauty, Caudalîe, Benefit Cosmetics and a few brands that I would really love to try like Hanz De Fuko, Original & Mineral, Edible Beauty and Cover FX.


Keeping on top of beauty has never been so easy, and I’ve never been so in touch with the hip new products thanks to Sephora.NZ. I’ve always felt a slight disadvantage as a New Zealand blogger as we never get the new releases while they are still new releases everywhere else. Honestly, this site and me- its love.

If you’re a NZ Beauty Lover like me make sure you go and check out the Sephora site- and sorry to your wallet in advance

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