Right Down to it.

Im not sure if many of you know this but nutrition is a big interest of mine. I love to read and discover new facts about food and the body, I can sit for hours reading a new book or researching some part of diet without yawning once.

I know that I do a lot of baking here on the blog for Matthew to take for lunches and sometimes cooking also, and I know that I am no preacher on eating what is right for you. I struggle quite a lot myself, especially with my picky partner and my gigantic sweet tooth, but I want to involve you in something I have decided to do.

I know I have posted before about this when I purchased my first program, but I did not blog much about it as I was not as serious about it as I am now. I have been getting back into fitness and health again recently (after being on holidays with family and really just realising what I am missing out on) and I have been back into reading and researching a healthier lifestyle, and again I am captured by the wonderful team that is Rapid Fitness.

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Rapid Fitness is a company all about lifestyle change and a healthier, happier you. They are seriously down to earth people based in Auckland NZ and they really know their stuff. They have tailored programs for you specifically to change your lifestyle whether that be for a healthier lifestyle or specifically targeted at losing weight. The team of Rapid Fitness has intensive knowledge of nutrition and exercise sciences, the founders alone are pretty incredible in what they know and are willing to share. They have multiple programs to chose from, depending on what you want or need within Rapid Fitness and give you the perfect amount of background information and the science behind the program. I have purchased the Kickstart Detox which focuses on nutrition and losing weight.

I have never really discussed this topic before but my weight and health is something I am quite conscious of, like some of you may be, I am not altogether happy with my current size and sometimes even shackled by self consciousness. I am lucky to have such a supportive partner who is happy with me no matter what kind of day I am having, and his willingness to journey with me to better health is growing, something that we had struggled a little with before.

Today I start my kickstart detox and I am filled with determination to change my lifestyle for a more sustainable, healthy one. Rapid fitness has a wonderful support system and the stories you hear are absolutely incredible, its hard not to be taken in by it all. I urge you to at least check them out and see what they are about because, I assure you, they are fantastic.

I will be keeping you as up to date as possible throughout this process whether that be through my blog here, twitter or instagram and if you are interested in doing this with me you are more than welcome to contact me on any of the channels above. Also be sure to contact the rapid fitness team on their Facebook page here, keep awesome and I’ll be in touch!

Disclaimer: I am in no way sponsored by Rapid Fitness, I genuinely love their products and the company and am in no way paid to give any opinions or feedback on this company.


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