RF Gluten Free Pizza


If you dont know what RF is, RF is Rapid Fitness, RF are a company committed to your weight loss and healthy lifestyle. They are so inspiring and completely perceptive when it comes to your health.  I have done a couple of their detoxes and plan to purchase one of their plans, I love the RF lifestyle and the community is fantastic. RF promote a balanced lifestyle with putting good fats, vitamins and sustenance into your body- you have so much more energy and positivity!

I recreated their GF pizza tonight for Matthew and I, and thought I would share.

IMGP0002 IMGP0013 IMGP0016 IMGP0026


This was easy to make and so good, even Matthew ate it- and he doesn’t do greens.

I garnished my pizza with homemade relish/tomato paste, mozzarella, red onion, baby spinach, free farmed bacon, red capsicum, Himalayan salt and pepper. I would really recommend trying this, it was satisfying knowing I had done it all myself in the oven, but you can buy GF pizza bases at your local supermarket also.

When it comes down to it the RF recipes are all very good, I haven’t tried one that disappoints yet- still a very satisfied RF’er. You should go and check them out, they have a lot to teach you and it is a very fascinating process, and they have a lot of good produce and advice to offer. They are a New Zealand company, but you can buy their plans no matter where you live, my detoxes were only a couple weeks long- but there is no regret in having them and every three months or so I like to try them out again to keep my body clean. RF also send out updated versions as they improve them, so you grow and learn with them. It is brilliant, best choice I have ever made.



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