Rapid Fitness Experience

I’m on my fourth day into rapid fitness now, and it is seriously the most pleasant detox experience I have ever had.

Four days into the detox and I have no feeling of bloating (which I didn’t know I had in the first place) and I am feeling awake and revived, I look forward to preparing breakfast and dinners which I had previously found a chore. The rapid fitness food blog is brimming with delicious recipes and I don’t feel like I am missing out on much at all from my old diet. I do, however, miss my morning sweet milky coffee- but other than that I adore this change in my life.

I find myself thinking about where I would like to be eventually, and also that I don’t want this way of living to end. I am saving every penny I have spare (living without flatmates can be a little tight) to go towards the R28 living well package.

The rapid fitness community is also a great big deal to me, even though I can be a bit shy about it publicly with other people on the plan everyone of them is so supportive. The rapid fitness team is even more supportive and take a great interest in how you are going, it seriously has made the experience a dream.

If you didn’t know I am currently undertaking the Rapid Reset Kickstart Detox. I love how the Rapid Fitness team explain the use of good fats, fasting, water intake and sleep. They know a lot about what your body needs and what it could have to improve the way you feel. If you are interested in Rapid Fitness, you can find them here.


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