Pretty Pieces #1

I finally realised what I have been missing out on, Ive never really considered this and I never really cared- but after thinking about it long and hard I realised something, I need a tan.

I never tan easily- I am a light olive cream colour and that is all I have ever been, my mothers side tan too easily, they go incredibly brown incredibly fast- but not me, I take after my dad where if I am not careful, I burn and then go back to the way I was before, no tan for me.

I have always been quite proud of my porcelain skin, I like being fair and I am not blotchy or blindingly pale, not that it matters if you are- but I think it may be time to brown up if only just a little, so I went out and got this:



I have used the dove gradual tan before, and I really did like it, but I thought I would take it one step further with a company that (I think) specialises in tanning. The SugarBaby company was recommended to me by a friend, she told me to get the Sunbelievable Mousse- they have so many gorgeous products, but I went with the moisturiser and this was an easy choice for me as I am terrified of the prospect of an overnight full-on tan. I love the fact that it is a moisturiser and it doesn’t seem easy to mess anything up, although I am super paranoid about my elbow, knees and ankles!

This product in particular is lovely, it doesn’t smell as nice as the Dove gradual tan but I have a feeling it may be more effective once I work daily use into my schedule. It is super creamy and easy to apply, and you don’t get that horrible sticky feeling afterwards, nor does it take forever to sink in. I would love to be able to step up and use their heavier products but right now I lack the confidence to do so, how about you?

Have you used this company before? Or do you fake tan? Please share your experiences, tips and tricks with me, I’ll be so grateful and it would be fantastic to hear!

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