Pretty Pieces #5






I thought I would do a really chilled out post today, because that is kind of how I am feeling, a little tired, content and unsure of what to do with myself. Tell me if you get in those moods and I’m not the only one.

Anyway, it is a typical gloomy, wintry day and the sun just doesn’t want to stick around so I thought I’d take advantage of it when it is here to show you the couple of improvements to my room and the things that are making me pretty happy.

I love plants in my house and I have discovered (after a few disasters) that my room is the best place to keep my herbs. I am a big fresh cook and I love having fresh herbs in the garden as well as within arms reach in the house- which isn’t easy when your plants don’t want to live in a cold kitchen that lacks sunlight for over half the day. I love knowing where my fresh herbs and produce has been grown and what has been used in the growing process, so having home, organic plants really makes sense to me- but I am only so-so in my gardening journey. I have relocated these babies and spruced them back up in front of the window in my room, so hopefully they will thrive (if they outlive my use). I got this little carrier from bed, bath and beyond months ago and had been using it to sure little knick-knacks, but I find this use so much better and visually appealing.

I have also been loving this Donna Hay “No time to cook” cookbook, on the topic of food. The photography is beautiful and it has gorgeous fresh, wholesome ingredients. A few good fats here, fresh herbs there and lots and lots of wonderfully good foods. With Matthew being so picky I sometimes found it hard to cook good meals for him that contain very wholesome, nutritious food and this book has really made my job a dream. Also, as the title suggests, the recipes are super fast and super easy, added bonus when all you want to do at the end of a long day on your feet is kick your heels off and snooze.

This last picture is of my jar of essie polishes, I picked this up for around $3.00 at a thrift store and I think it couldn’t be cuter.

Hope you all had an awesome day and that my pretty little pieces have brightened it just that little bit more.