Pretty in Pink Hair Care Routine



I have been wanting to do a haircare/whats in my shower for a while since I have been loving what I am using at the moment. I am torn between trying new things and my favourites. I picked up a Lee Stafford Mini Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist as I think it is adorable and have been waiting for my heat protectant to run out so I can try it, and decided I would share with you the products I most commonly use once in and out of the shower.

I start off with washing my hair with the Tigi S Factor range Shampoo, I don’t mind which one, I try a new one every time- but as you can see they last a lifetime, they also smell delicious. I got my Tigi products from Gratify, but I am unsure if they still sell them.  I then condition with another Tigi S Factor product and leave this in for a couple of minutes while I wash my face. I wash my hair every two or three days, any more and it is too much to deal with, since I have long hair. After my conditioner is washed out I will condition my hair again with my Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde Moisturising Treatment, I do this once or twice a week. I know I may not be a bleach blonde (Although I am well overdue for a trim and am thinking I’ll go lighter also), but I believe this helps my hair lighten up a bit and my ends are always dry, so this treatment is a godsend. I used this tonight and, like usual, my hair feels so nourished and manageable- my ends are also naturally lighter than the rest of my hair and this really makes my hair very ombre’esque by making the lighter areas of my hair stand out, and you notice this difference straight away. This treatment reduces the amount of fly-away’s and my hair feels less brittle at the ends, it also smells incredible.

After I have finished in the shower I will lightly towel dry my hair and, depending on how I am feeling, apply one of my many leave in conditioners/Treatments through the ends of my hair. (Some of my favourites are my Tigi S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer, Redken Extreme Antisnap, Dove Colour Radiance or Tresemmé Split Remedy)

I change the products I use depending on the look I am going for, but lately I have been loving my Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray. I apply this to my hair after towel drying then add my flat iron protection mist, then blow-dry upside down for extra volume, scrunching my hair as I go. This leaves tidily messy kinks in my hair which I love in the colder months as it such an easy style to do as I usually want my hair down for extra warmth. If I don’t feel like doing this I half dry my hair upside down, focusing on my roots, and then turn upright and blow dry with the grain of my hair to stop fly-away’s (it seems counter productive, but I assure you, its not)


   The products I use in my hair at the moment, I am really loving, and taking good care of my hair also makes me feel better in myself. I find the days I do spend extra time on my hair, I always feel like a million bucks. I’m sure that’s a little weird but I hope you feel this way too!

 I hope you enjoyed this post today folks, tell me what you think about getting my hair lightened, and also tell me if you have tried these products and what you think of them, or even try them out- I sure love them!

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