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I have been thinking a lot lately about the way I replete my blog. I have been very conscious about posting things that I am passionate about and genuinely enjoy considering, hence why I haven’t been writing about food lately- as my food preferences are very much the same and quite ordinary.

As an aspiring beauty blogger I have noticed I have been proactively observing the fashion and trends, which is something that has never concerned me this much before. I have always been forward with presenting myself well and taking pride in the way I look as I was always taught “Presenting yourself beautifully will make you feel beautiful and the way you feel about yourself is very important.”. I have always had my own sense of style and have not paid due attention to the current trends, picking and choosing what I like as an individual instead of imitating what I have seen of others, and although this is still true, I find I can learn and grow my sense of style by analysing the current fashion picks.

I enjoy the vogue magazines, paying attention to other fashion bloggers and even flicking through the home style magazines too, taking on board their choices and considering what I like and creating my own image.

As another beauty blogger I know that personality and opinion are very important when carefully constructing and taking ownership of your blog, and think that it is easy to become compliant and conventional which leads me to believing that I have not been offering all I have to offer. I would like to be able to project opinions on more topics than new beauty products, sharing hauls and hope to provide something that will be continuously engaging for you. Although I still want to host hauls, reviews and looks, I also would like to fill it with articles, spreads and maybe one day interviews to keep in touch with part of me that has been distant for the last couple years. Understanding that writing is not my full time job, although this is an aspiration of mine, being on form with style is always something we can maintain and can take on this approach with other aspects of our lives such as diet and even the way we take care of ourselves.

I aspire for this place, my blog, to be a place to motivate, to continue this form and continually grow within this world full of media, beauty and finesse- so welcome my beautiful readers, to a place that I promise will be ever-changing, emerging and hopefully aspiring.

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