I often turn to the pages of magazines to seek inspiration of my lifestyle, blog and hobbies but its not often that I find one that reflects what I love so vividly. The Peppermint Magazine is one that I have only just managed to find in the sale bin of my local bookstore- I picked these up for a steal of $5.00 for both and have marvelled over these pages the last couple of days, for these magazines reflect all I am at this moment in time.

The Peppermint magazine are all about “style, sustainability and substance” meaning that the brand celebrates fashion, design and creativity with good economic values. Based in Australia this is both close to home and something I have always been intrigued with- I’m sure you have too, as our knowledge of “clean living” is rapidly growing with the attention and importance sustainability has now.



There are obviously numerous photographers working for the magazine, but all have a certain raw, unprocessed feeling to their work, this is something that is both eye catching and something that really draws you in as a reader. You get a feel for what the article is about before you finish the first sentence, I draw huge inspiration from this style of photography.



Articles in these two issues (23 & 24) touch on some of the things I am most interested in, such as Belle Gibson- an empowering woman who is healing her cancer through her clean diet and lifestyle rather than medication. I already have her book and app “The Whole Pantry” and found the article in issue 23 to be a happy coincidence.

In issue 24 the article “Body of Knowledge” also struck me, focusing on Role Model Laura Wells and her thoughts on positive body image and knowledge of health and science. I took a huge lesson away from this article and that is that your size doesn’t define you, the labels on your clothes are going to look different on you than they are on someone else.

Words are expressed so freely yet have such a huge impact in these articles, and if you’re interested I highly suggest you take some time to read them.


These magazines are ones that I came across by chance, but they have definitely made a lasting impression on me. As well as good photography and articles the artwork, recipes and tips make me sure I will be looking for these again. All opinions are my own and this post is not sponsored. Have you found magazines with such a great message before?


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