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There has been one brand of body wash that I have been using for the last few months and I have been loving it so much, I haven’t touched anything else. The brand is Only Good, based in New Zealand.

Only Good

is a brand that focuses on being kind and gentle to the skin. I picked up Balance first and fell in love. They all have lovely, natural scents and leave your skin feeling soft, not stripped.

Of course the packaging is always going to win. Pastels with copper and rose gold tones- this is always going to catch attention as well as looking pretty in your shower. But the good things in these products is also an attention grabber. Peppermint, Honey, Tea Tree and Chamomile are among a few of my favourite ingredients for anything and even take part in my every day diet. Whats better than a product you can eat? Although I definitely wouldn’t recommend (seriously, please don’t).

Only Good 2Only Good

As you can see by the packaging they are all 100% natural, palm free with no animal testing and no bad stuff. They have recently brought out more products which I am definitely keen to try. So far Balance has still been my favourite- although that doesn’t stop me trying (and using up) the others as well.

For those of you in New Zealand you are able to buy these in all leading supermarkets as well as Healthpost. Just a quick note- this is a non-sponsored post. As always I just love their stuff!

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