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I thought today, after picking up the magnificent Spaces, Volume Two by Frankie Magazine that I really ought to give these guys some big ups.

I was introduced to Frankie by a close friend whilst journeying through my Journalism degree a couple years ago and I haven’t really put their magazines down since. Frankie helped me establish who I was to become, and continue to become, in a tough time and I still get excited as soon as a new mag comes out for all the creative, inspiring pieces these pages bring.

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After moving to a smaller, less cultured, town I had no idea Frankie had made the Spaces magazine, but I saw their Volume Two today and fell in love all over again. Frankie have created this wonderful book full of culture and style and this book lights up my coffee table like no other. The unknown lurks in the large, perfectly printed pages about homestyle and lifestyle. Like their magazines they bring quirky literature, recommend some seriously stylish bits & pieces and some wicked photography- my favourite part of all.

I would recommend Frankie over and over again to anyone who enjoys a bit of creative literature and a serious aesthetic feel, and there is always a special little surprise waiting for you.  Ill be purchasing Frankie’s forever, so thank you guys for the lifelong entertainment. Head over and give them some love folks, cause they are mighty fine. Frankie Magazine

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, all these opinions are my own.




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