I have a little obsession with the nudes…

Recently I traveled to Wellington here in NZ and picked up yet another Nude MAC Lipstick as I traveled through duty-free. Theses are all completely different colours I assure you- and yes I did need it.nude mac lipstick 2Nude Mac lipstick 1

MAC has always been a counter I’ve been drawn to. Their beautiful array of Lipsticks arranged so neatly to greet you at the door is every lipstick lover’s dream. I managed to pick up yet another nudey-pink to add to my small collection. You may wonder why this is necessary (or maybe not) but I’ll tell you!

Please excuse my awkwardness here, as you may know Matthew brought me a new camera as an early Valentines day gift and I’m still working out the technicalities- not to mention being extremely camera shy! (I’ll get used to it, don’t worry). Here are the three lipsticks in order as per below (although Twig looks a little lighter on camera than in real life!)

Nude MAC lipstick 5 Nude Mac Lipstick 4 Nude MAC lipstick 6

BRAVE: Brave is my newest MAC lipstick. This is a beige-pink in Satin finish. I have found it to have a cooler undertone than the other two with a white pearl shimmer. This is easy for everyday wear and, with my pale skin tone, is best worn with a touch of warm pink blush and even warmer toned eyeshadow due to the tendency to wash you out if you’re not careful.

MODESTY: is my oldest MAC lipstick in Cremesheen. This one is a very neutral pink, neither warmer nor cooler. This is on the lighter side of the nudes and is the closest to my natural lip colour. As above this is great for an everyday no-makeup makeup look to add a touch of blush to your lips. I love wearing this colour with creams and whites- with a brown eyeshadow look.

TWIG: This is probably the one out of the three that you are most familiar with. This one is a more muted-brown colour that I absolutely love. This nude MAC lipstick is one that I can wear daily to work and be completely happy with, it has a Satin finish and is bolder than the other two.

As you can tell I have all the neutral bases covered here, so its not hard to decide which one I would like to wear when I know how I am feeling. Please let me know below your Nude MAC Lipstick suggestions!

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