Note, Read, Want, Need

Ive decided that I would start sharing the books and magazines I am reading (nothing too serious, of course) and also how I like to enjoy these things to bring more character and personality to ambermarie and so I am bringing back one of my old series with a few alterations and bits and pieces to go with a good book, so here is Note, Read, Want, Need.

I didn’t carry this series on the first time as I tried to schedule it too much, and now I have decided that I will just go with the flow and post whenever it feels right as I enjoy these posts when I have good stuff to put in them. I have been feeling a lot more motivated on my blogging Monday’s (yes I dedicate one of my days off to blogging) to provide more personal content, because I feel I should be able to share a lot more than I do.

To kick off the series Note, Read, Want, Need I will start with a NOTE that has been resonating with me quite a lot recently.

Do what you love”

I saw a beautiful bit of typography on Sarah’s blog, More than Adored, that put a few simple words into a beautiful illustration that really sticks.

I love blogging, and I had no idea how much I would actually enjoy it until I started realising that I was hanging out to blog on my lunch breaks at work, or until I couldn’t wait for a Sunday or Monday to get my camera out. So whats more natural than doing what you love? Tell me what really makes you happy?


The Marriage Plot- Jeffrey Eugenides



I have only just picked up this book, The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides, and from the moment I saw it in the store (down to a bargain $7) I was intrigued. I haven’t read a fiction in a little while, and I have missed just being able to get lost in an easy read, to be able to let my imagination flow without concentrating or thinking too hard. Thats what this is about. From what I gather, the book is set in the 1980’s, all about Madeleine, an English Major. She comes across a boy that she finds herself in a relationship with, and at the same time an old friend comes back into her life with his crazy ideas of making Madeleine his wife. This book is one of those 19th century love story types, or as it claims, with plot twists and suspense and I am rather enjoying it so far.

Nume Lustrum Styling tool set.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 9.52.14 pm

This set is one I have heard wonder words about. Shaaanxo (another New Zealander, an amazing beauty youtuber) used it here, and I fell in love. I am chopping off my long locks on Thursday and I am really getting excited to style short hair. I am cutting to my collarbones (cutting roughly 13 inches off) as I think it will achieve a sleeker, classier style. My hair is long, fine and of medium/thin thickness and I have been finding that, other than curling it and putting it in a nice big bun, there is not much I can do with it. I know trials come with cutting your hair short, but I’m really needing a change. Tell me what you think.


Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 10.03.55 pm

I have posted about this before, this is the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury set. What I need in general is make up brushes, as I find it really hard to wash and get brushes dry for the next day, I find I need a new set that I can use in the meantime. I am currently using Sedona Lace brushes, which are all fine and dandy, but I would like to explore the Zoeva range and why not start with this gorgeous set? I have been umm-ing and ahh-ing over these for quite a while, as well as looking into other brushes that are good quality and easy to locate from NZ, and have finally decided that these are what I need. I chose these ones due to the fact that they are not only gorgeous, but are going to cost me the same as any other set I would want to buy in New Zealand.

So thats it for today’s Note, Read, Want, Need. I would just like to let you know that the coffee I drink as I write, and read as you can see in my READ section, is coffee inspired buy Rosie’s How to Make a Layered Latte. I just happened to have everything I needed here at home, and after working at Starbucks I knew this was something I could do myself. In Love, seriously, try it. Adding brown sugar to homemade frothy coffee is actually revolutionary; it adds a smooth, syrup like sweetness to your coffee and being a sweet coffee lover- I’d definitely recommend it.

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